Learn Asset Progression Blueprint & How to Scale Wealth Portfolio Safely & Predictably

..without any prior real estate investment knowledge or experience even during economic uncertainties


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..discover 3 + 1 secrets of property asset progression blueprint in this webclass by Nicholas, Alfie and Joshua with the support of Mr Kelvin Foong, Executive Director of Propnex


Top 4 Asset Progression Metrics To 
Maximise Profit for your
Property Portfolio
(...minimise taxes in every property upgrade when progressing your property assets)


How To Accurately Spot Undervalued Property in This Market
Based On Data & Trend
(...maximise profit from identifying almost sure to appreciate property with these key concepts)


Who & How To Take Action NOW To
Review and Restructure your
Property Portfolio
(...insights into market shifts — latest cooling measures, interest hikes & housing loan adjustments)
** PLUS - HUGE bonus: Just show up on the webinar LIVE and Nicholas Ong will introduce Mr Kelvin Foong, Executive Director of Propnex to share the opportunities right now before the interest rate peaks and how he acquired and fully paid for 10 properties below the age of 45. He will be revealing his asset progression blueprint on how he did that and share insights to the latest cooling measures, coming interest rate hike, mortgage loans hike, and how the ongoing war between Russia & Ukraine is going to affect the world. You can start using these methods immediately.


Kelvin Fong

Executive Director

I have known Tommy, Alfie, Josh and Nicholas for many years now. They are well-respected veterans in the field with track record of excellence. They have very strong financial skillset because that was their strength before they came into Real Estate. 

When it comes to financial aspect of things, a lot of people are paralysed with fear because it’s not something that is straightforward and transparent. I have seen how they work with people. All of them have full faith in them, because they are really detailed in their financials to ensure best accuracy and utmost care to make sure they are comfortable before they move forward. 

I have full confidence and trust in them to provide the best information to help you achieve your financial goals to grow your asset and plan for retirement through this asset progression blueprint. 

Wang Ze Ya

Ding Zhou Group (Developer)

Tommy and his partners are truly caring and considerate. I remembered when I first stepped foot into Singapore and everything was a blur for me in this country.

Tommy was always there, helping and assisting me without hesitation. He even assisted me to attain my Permanent Residence (PR) Status under GIP in Singapore 14 years ago…

I am really amazed by his knowledge and experience when it comes to Real Estate. This provided me with the confidence to purchase 3 private properties which I am happy to say have all paid dividends.

With his extensive knowledge of both Residential and Commercial Real Estate in Singapore, he has also been a consultant of mine when it comes to marketing and sales of my property developments in Singapore namely “Neem Tree” & “E9 (Industrial Project)”.

Teo Bee Yeong


Alfie and his partners are just beyond impressive. I dare say they are second to none. They were financially wise when it came to projecting all hidden cost, minimising tax and maximising all possible leverages.

I have been working with them to strategise my property progression over many years. I have gone through different real estate cycles with them and all their future projections were accurate. 

I think what differs them from the rest is that they always have an exit strategy and a roadmap to all my property purchases and upgrades.

 I am a testament that they will achieve the best result for anyone should they decide to work with them. Either way, you will get inexhaustible free value from their sharing in their masterclass


Jessica Chandran

JP Morgan Benefits Associate

Joshua and his partners are very professional, patient and understanding. He understands the fear of a first time home buyer. They gave me the clarity and confidence to take action. They were able to give me the assurance I needed based on market data, market trends, and product comparative analysis.

Joshua and his partners were steadfast in taking action for us. 

We had a short period of time to get an undervalued property that we really liked. They were really on the ball. If we were to get the property a month later, the price would have gone up by S$100-150k. They checked in with all the authorities and stakeholders and made it happen. A 6 figure profit from this progression. Thank you Joshua!


CFO Chye Sing

Alfie and his partners are an all rounder team. Kind and amicable, also very astute- financially. Not a fly by night team. They stick close to their clients and ensure that they are there every step of the way to make sure their clients make the right choice on their purchase or sale.

I was blown away by his deftness on the market research plan he had drawn up for me. His in-depth and extensive know how of the area, project, and even his connection with the developers and industry market leaders alike led me to my right purchase. 

I am convinced that they are clearly one of the best realtor teams in this day and age.

Antony Goh

AIA Insurance Manager

One of the properties I had purchased was during the 911 financial crisis. I was strategically advised by Tommy and his partners to take action after seeing some proven numbers and market data. 

Though the market was in a lot of fear,I braced up and acted on their advise. Prior to the crisis, the same property was transacting at a couple of million dollars, but when fear crept in and the market was down, I bought it at half the price! 50% discount for a house - is a steal!

I would have made the silliest decision in my life if I hadn’t taken action after seeing the projected numbers. I’m glad and I have no regrets. Trust me when I say it. Kudos to Tommy and his partners
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